The Rose LookBook #002

10:14 PM

OH HAI. NICE TO SEE YOU MA LOVLIES <3Sooooooooooooo, starting off with this layout of my look book, likes? Dislikes? Oh what does it matter, honestly, I am going to go photoshop nuts every time with out the input of on the to the clothes! Well, this look was really, once again, something I put together on a whim. What can I say? I'm impulsive! So sue me....or please don't D:

The hair, that is what really started this whole look. I was fighting with myself for ages on whether I actually wanted to buy this hair or not. There is a similar style by Lamb that I see alot of people sporting, but I'm not sure why, but I just didn't love it as much as I loved this Truth hair. A friend actually joked and said it looks like a "I don't really care" Kristan Stewart hair due. That made me want it even more because it really is. Not that I love or hate the Twlight actress, but her hair, please tell me you don't love her hair?....ok enough about this mesh bit of yummy on my head. Moving right along~

My skin and eyes are the same as always, no surprise there, just don't feel like getting new ones. Meh, ok, now that that is over, the clothessss. Recently I saw the flickr of the store Willow~ and she stated that she would be closing her store last month ad I raced over there to grab what I could. Sad to say, the store is gone, and my heart is broken </3 The vest, stripped shirt, glasses, necklace and cuff were from there. I have to say the amount of detail is amazing and it really is a sad day that the sun has set on the life of Willow~. It was a beautiful store and had some of the best clothes I have seen in a while. I'm really upset I didn't know about it before it closed.

Well how about we talk about the things that are STILL available eh? The pants are from IMBUE and the texturing is to die for. I am in love with the detailing on the knees. I can't tell if it's suppose to be a brace or what, but I love it. The shoes are by a wonderful friend Candy from [WHATEVER]. They come in a large rang of colors, and these ones are a special edition color : Marely. The red sole and the high platform are some of my favorite things in shoes. The fact that they add hight to your avi without having to adjust your shape is an added bouns that I didn't expect!

Ok, so the last thing would be the accessories(well the ones not from willow :C ). The large turquoise necklace is also from another friend! One of my closest friends in sl, Natalee Oodles designed it. It's from her new line haut.mode. I love the color and the size of this piece. It added a bit of color to my over all monotoned look here. The next necklace is one from [MAGIC NOOK], and it is something I already blogged but I just kept it in because I liked it. And last, but not least is the bag! This was a group gift from Tee*Fy months ago, and it is still available there is a group fee of 250). Not only does it match with my kookie kind of style but it balances out the entire look. I love it and it's always a crowd pleaser. The had drawn face gets laughs all around.

There you have it my darlings, another lookbook post! More in the future c:


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