3:48 PM

Why hello there my little lovies! Ahhh I know I know it's been MONTHS since I last posted anything. To be fair, it wasn't my fault. I had the unfourtant happen to me over the summer and it resulted my internet being cut off and life as I know it changing drastically. But do not fret for I will be back and a force to recon with soon! Til I am back full time to bring you the latest freebies, gifties, cheapies, and hunt items, I will supply you with loads of lookbook posts! This one right here was a spur of the moment thing! All the items I choose were ones that I had eye'd for a while and finally just bought. It is rare for me to spend loads and loads o lindens but for once I decided to spoil myself and go for it. This look reminds me alot of the older, more weird version of my MM character Pepper. She would be the kind to change her hair color, where bright colored things, and over all, have fun and be silly. In the future I will write more indepth posts but I just wanted to get this up on my blog tonight before I head out so that all my wonderful readers know I'M NOT DEAD! I love you all and thanks for sticking with me! Stay tuned for more from me in the near future!
-Rose <3

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