Sunday, May 13, 2012

Checker Boarding my way to You

Well hello there again my lovelies :3. Today I bring you another almost completely free look! There are a few 1L items in here,  so hope yo enjoy this look. I was trying to go for something easy, simple, but at the same time playful. The socks and the bows on the shoes help so much, not the mention this cat bag~

As persusual, I am very picky on the skins I like, but this one from JeSyLiLO is too cute, it's her new Group gift for May. The lips, the eyes, the nose, all of it just screams "sexy cute", perfectly adorable and something I am SO excited to have gotten for free! The hair is from MONS. I had a lovely friend actually gift me 100L so that I could be able to join the group and get this free hair  :D. It comes in another color along with this one, and the hat is build in so no need to worry about trying to adjust it to fit the hair. It's really pretty I must say, the brown bleeding into the ash blond tips is a really cool effect.

Moving on to the clothes we have this top from the recently reopened IMBUE. I must stay, if I had an unlimited amount of money to spend, I would buy everything in that store! There are these one pairs of shoes I've got my eyes on and hopefully I can get them, they are so amazing I want them on my feet! This top is a gift to anyone whom subscribes to the IMBUE update board. It comes in a fat pack with a good rang of colors, a blue, orange, green, red and black. This mesh top floats about wonderfully. I like the fact that  it moves so well with the body and the folds are placed just right and not too extreme (extreme folds in mesh sometimes makes me say no no). I paired it with these mesh shorts from Beetlebones ( aka ::BB::). I was lucky enough again, to be gifted the fat pack from the owner Sue! Her sister Anya is a friend of mine, and she was sweet enough to gift me this fat pack one night as we were all dancing about. I love these shorts, the amount of colors you can pick from is the best part. I have a color for almost any outfit. The texturing is still by far my favorite part of them, they are just as beautiful in pictures are they are in world!

Moving down a bit we come to the shoes and socks! I wanted to keep this look rather cute, so I knew these 1L shoes from tomoto would be the best piece for that. I got these shoes a long time ago when I first started SL, on the marketplace and I wore them not stop for a few months. The bows are so cute on here, with their poka dot pattern, and for 1L, it's well worth it to grab a pair of these shoes. Along with them, I added these simple off grey socks from Mother Goose. When I first started SL, MG was the main store I went for skins, seeing how she offers a huge wall of lucky boards of old and new skins, and she has a whole section of her place that is filled with hunt items, cheapies and freebies! These socks come in a pack of 4 colors, with a soft pastel tones, a blue, pink, grey and yellow pair! 

Last thing in this look, and something I wanted to add because I'm not sure how much longer this gift will be out, but it's this bag from Tee*fy. It's a group gift and by far one of my favorite bags in both SL and RL. Id I could I would own this in my daily life and use it and never put it down! The hand painted face is so comical I love it. Grab it while you can because I'm not sure how much longer it will be about!

  • Skin: *JeSyLiLO* - :::GroupGiftSkin:::*May (Group Gift)
  • Hair: MONS / Hair - Riri (ombre L) (Group Gifts/fee to join)
  • Top: IMBUE. - Plaid Sleeveless M - RED (Sub Gift)
  • Shorts: ::BB::Baily Utility Mesh Shorts (BLACK)XXS (not free)
  • Socks: .::Mother Goose's:: - .knee socks set C, C1 (1L)
  • Shoes: tomoto - CupcakeOpen Gift (1L on MP)
  • Bag: Tee*fy - My Ugly Scary Cat Bag Small On forearm (Group Gift)
  • Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (DEMO London Fog, w1) (Free on MP)

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Casual Grey

Normally I stick to a completely free blog post. But this time around I couldn't help myself from venturing out and feaurting some of the items I've picked up in the past few months along with a couple pieces I got for free.

This light creamer color top is from Jane, and was actually free. It's the top part of one of her basic romper sets that you can find at her store. I paired that with these grey Trousers from Though the pants did come with two cuff options for the bottom of the legs, I opted out of wearing them for the seer reason that I wanted to stick with a more clean line, casual look than something more dressy. 

Over the top I decided to use this lovely Cardigan from =IZUMIYA=,  which comes with two sleeve length options and an array of styles for the bottom hem. It was simple, and looked warm but clean and comfy so I thought it would go great with the look! to add a bit of texture and more of a playful element than letting it stay too serious and stern, I layered this necklace from {The beaury one}, I'm not sure where I got this from to be honest, I had it in my inventory and put it on and it looked good. (I will try to find more information on it but as of now I am not sure). The only draw back I found with this necklace is that the creature made it so that the individual pieces of it emit light, and when in most windlights, will wash out the wearer.

The last bit of clothing I added were these black Ballet Flats. They are simple and cute, and look like they are easy to walk in. Keeping it understated was the key of this look, so I didn't want to slap on a pair of bright heels or some chuck shoes, instead, I went for the normal and more "casual" option.

The hair and eyes are both free items as well, but the eyes, Utopia Eyes- Pale Mint+Gold, are from IKON were a group gift from a few months past and are no longer available as a gift, but I do believe they still sell that color in their store. The hair, is from elikatira, and is a free gift, which can be found on both your MP store and in world one. It is called [e] Say2,, and it is just wonderful. You get the fat pack of all the colors and another style of the ponytail version of this hair,in the gift, and it is just adorable. I find myself wearing this hair a lot and it works with many different styles and characters if you are an rper. The last thing would be the skin, This is a skin from [Aura], and I'm not sure, but it was a past Callabor88 item. It might still be there, I'm not sure, but I do know that this skin, minus the makeup, is still sold at Aura for around 300L and i think is well worth it.  It is so pretty and cute, and is just one of my favorites! This is the skin  I actually use for one of my rp character and I think it makes her look stunning.

So over all I really loved this look and wear it on most days when I am just hopping about from place to place! It's simply and easy and really cute :3

  • Hair: [e](aka. elikatira) - Say2 - Brown01 (Gift)
  • Skin: [Aura] - Briar-Azure-c88 Honey
  • Top: JANE - needful things.romper.wh cream (freebie)
  • Cardigan: =IZUMIY= Cardigan/Black
  • Pants: - fri. Trousers (Charcoal)
  • Shoes: Karried Away - Ballet Flats Black
  • Eyes: IKON - Utopia Eyes - Pale Mint+Gold (s) (Old Group Gift)
  • Necklace: {The beaury one - necklace - black}

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Americana Wolf

When creating this look I really wanted to do something a bit  indie, "hipster" style, but leaning more towards the casual bit as well. I also wanted to jump back into doing a COMPLETELY free look! (yes everything in this look was actually free~)

I saw that the new fad of wearing the 90's high-waist jean shorts that has flooded the fashion world is an amazing trend! It makes the body seem so much slimmer and for larger and plump girls it creates this hourglass effect that I personally think is sexy! So can you just imagine my glee when I found out that these Americana Wash Up Shorts from :LC: (Group Gift), were not only free but BEAUTIFUL! I must stay I was blown away at first at how short they were, but I just paired them with a semi sear black satin stocking and BAM, perfect.

Matching these shorts with this wolf print, cream crop topped styled sweater called Kamsahabnida 2 from ::[u.f.o]::(Lucky Board prize) was a match made in heaven. I know that some people will find this pairing of these two very bold and rather loud pattern/prints as a reason to vomit, but I personally love it! The fact that it was free helps MAJOR TOO. The shoes  from [Whatever](Grand Opening/Group gift) are also very cute with this look. From far away they appear to be a normal grey but up close, they are actually a very light rose bud patterned flat. Adorable to say the least.

Lastly in this look, but maybe my farorite part would be the face! The hair! and the eyes! The skin, Sara Pure, is from Mynerva(Group Gift, fee of 50L), and I just love it to death, it's so cute and sweet looking but there is something about it that  is alluring. The hair is from Magika(Group gift), and this red color has always been one of my favoirte colors for hair irl and in sl. It's just so bright and adds a bit of color to any outfit, no matter how little or how much you already have. Lastely, but not least, are these eyes from Mayfly called the Deep Sky Eyes -Demo London Fog ( free on the MP). They lean on the side of almost a sliverly blue, but in some lights look like a sea blue, I've been in love with them for a while now and really refuse to take them off! Over all I am really happy with this look and how it turned out, I've been seen prancing around in it for a few days now! 

  • Hair: Magika - Group Gift
  • Skin: ~Mynerva~ - Sara Pure (Group Gift, fee of 50L)
  • Eyes: Mayfly - Deep sky Eyes (Demo London Fog) (Free on MP)
  • Top/Sweater: ::{u.f.o}:: - Kamsahabrida 2 (Group Lucky Board)
  • Shorts: :LC: - Americana Wash Up Shorts (Group Gift)
  • Stockings: [Attiudes] lace pantyhose - Black D (not free)
  • Shoes: [Whatever] - Flates Rose (Grand opening/Group Gift)
( shape made by me, poses not know at the current time)

The first post!


Well as you can see from that lovely picture, that was the first thing I posted on my blog while I editing it. I wanted to keep it there because each and every first of anything to me is special, first page in a new notebook, a sketchbook, anything like that, the first thing you put in that spot, it's special. So am going to keep this here, as a little jump off to my blogging adventure !
I hope you all enjoy  my blog and the many posts I will bring you in the future :D