The Americana Wolf

11:45 PM

When creating this look I really wanted to do something a bit  indie, "hipster" style, but leaning more towards the casual bit as well. I also wanted to jump back into doing a COMPLETELY free look! (yes everything in this look was actually free~)

I saw that the new fad of wearing the 90's high-waist jean shorts that has flooded the fashion world is an amazing trend! It makes the body seem so much slimmer and for larger and plump girls it creates this hourglass effect that I personally think is sexy! So can you just imagine my glee when I found out that these Americana Wash Up Shorts from :LC: (Group Gift), were not only free but BEAUTIFUL! I must stay I was blown away at first at how short they were, but I just paired them with a semi sear black satin stocking and BAM, perfect.

Matching these shorts with this wolf print, cream crop topped styled sweater called Kamsahabnida 2 from ::[u.f.o]::(Lucky Board prize) was a match made in heaven. I know that some people will find this pairing of these two very bold and rather loud pattern/prints as a reason to vomit, but I personally love it! The fact that it was free helps MAJOR TOO. The shoes  from [Whatever](Grand Opening/Group gift) are also very cute with this look. From far away they appear to be a normal grey but up close, they are actually a very light rose bud patterned flat. Adorable to say the least.

Lastly in this look, but maybe my farorite part would be the face! The hair! and the eyes! The skin, Sara Pure, is from Mynerva(Group Gift, fee of 50L), and I just love it to death, it's so cute and sweet looking but there is something about it that  is alluring. The hair is from Magika(Group gift), and this red color has always been one of my favoirte colors for hair irl and in sl. It's just so bright and adds a bit of color to any outfit, no matter how little or how much you already have. Lastely, but not least, are these eyes from Mayfly called the Deep Sky Eyes -Demo London Fog ( free on the MP). They lean on the side of almost a sliverly blue, but in some lights look like a sea blue, I've been in love with them for a while now and really refuse to take them off! Over all I am really happy with this look and how it turned out, I've been seen prancing around in it for a few days now! 

  • Hair: Magika - Group Gift
  • Skin: ~Mynerva~ - Sara Pure (Group Gift, fee of 50L)
  • Eyes: Mayfly - Deep sky Eyes (Demo London Fog) (Free on MP)
  • Top/Sweater: ::{u.f.o}:: - Kamsahabrida 2 (Group Lucky Board)
  • Shorts: :LC: - Americana Wash Up Shorts (Group Gift)
  • Stockings: [Attiudes] lace pantyhose - Black D (not free)
  • Shoes: [Whatever] - Flates Rose (Grand opening/Group Gift)
( shape made by me, poses not know at the current time)

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