The Casual Grey

1:40 PM

Normally I stick to a completely free blog post. But this time around I couldn't help myself from venturing out and feaurting some of the items I've picked up in the past few months along with a couple pieces I got for free.

This light creamer color top is from Jane, and was actually free. It's the top part of one of her basic romper sets that you can find at her store. I paired that with these grey Trousers from Though the pants did come with two cuff options for the bottom of the legs, I opted out of wearing them for the seer reason that I wanted to stick with a more clean line, casual look than something more dressy. 

Over the top I decided to use this lovely Cardigan from =IZUMIYA=,  which comes with two sleeve length options and an array of styles for the bottom hem. It was simple, and looked warm but clean and comfy so I thought it would go great with the look! to add a bit of texture and more of a playful element than letting it stay too serious and stern, I layered this necklace from {The beaury one}, I'm not sure where I got this from to be honest, I had it in my inventory and put it on and it looked good. (I will try to find more information on it but as of now I am not sure). The only draw back I found with this necklace is that the creature made it so that the individual pieces of it emit light, and when in most windlights, will wash out the wearer.

The last bit of clothing I added were these black Ballet Flats. They are simple and cute, and look like they are easy to walk in. Keeping it understated was the key of this look, so I didn't want to slap on a pair of bright heels or some chuck shoes, instead, I went for the normal and more "casual" option.

The hair and eyes are both free items as well, but the eyes, Utopia Eyes- Pale Mint+Gold, are from IKON were a group gift from a few months past and are no longer available as a gift, but I do believe they still sell that color in their store. The hair, is from elikatira, and is a free gift, which can be found on both your MP store and in world one. It is called [e] Say2,, and it is just wonderful. You get the fat pack of all the colors and another style of the ponytail version of this hair,in the gift, and it is just adorable. I find myself wearing this hair a lot and it works with many different styles and characters if you are an rper. The last thing would be the skin, This is a skin from [Aura], and I'm not sure, but it was a past Callabor88 item. It might still be there, I'm not sure, but I do know that this skin, minus the makeup, is still sold at Aura for around 300L and i think is well worth it.  It is so pretty and cute, and is just one of my favorites! This is the skin  I actually use for one of my rp character and I think it makes her look stunning.

So over all I really loved this look and wear it on most days when I am just hopping about from place to place! It's simply and easy and really cute :3

  • Hair: [e](aka. elikatira) - Say2 - Brown01 (Gift)
  • Skin: [Aura] - Briar-Azure-c88 Honey
  • Top: JANE - needful things.romper.wh cream (freebie)
  • Cardigan: =IZUMIY= Cardigan/Black
  • Pants: - fri. Trousers (Charcoal)
  • Shoes: Karried Away - Ballet Flats Black
  • Eyes: IKON - Utopia Eyes - Pale Mint+Gold (s) (Old Group Gift)
  • Necklace: {The beaury one - necklace - black}

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