Need a Blogger?

I am still learn and growing as a blogger and shopper in SL, and because of that I am always open to new ideas, trends, styles, and anything fashion wise. If you are looking for a blogger and are interested in my blogging an item for you, please do leave me a notecard in world.

As for reviewing items, I am open to accepting review copies. Please do keep in mind that I will blog what I feel is something that fits into my style or the look that I am trying to create. That being said I AM open to almost anything and everything, seeing how I might take one piece from an item you send and use it with another from another designer to enhance the look I am going for.You are more than welcomed to dropped a folder into my invi. If you do so, please do include a link to your store in world or to your marketplace shop and a notecard with any other important information that I would need to know.

Thank you for your interest in having me blog for you :D