Hallows and Fashion

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Hello hello hellooooo my lovelies! It's been a while since I did a proper blog of this sport. I jazzed up the pictures in the post this time for one reason: I FINALLY RELEASED SOMETHING~ *throws dull multicolored confetti around*

I know, you probably didn't even know, or care, but alas, I need to tell the world <3
Let's get to the details of the look first so we don't get side tracked in the other fun stuff :>

Today, I decided to try and hit a few of the trends that are splashing about in both SL fashion and RL. The hair from lamb (Pearl, Mad Pack) is one of my favorite hairs from them. I bought the similar looking one from >Truth<, which I blogged in my last lookbook, and quickly fell head over heels for it. Now, you might ask, well Rose, then why did you get this one? Simple, the genius that is the Lamb creator, make this super amazing, so up my alley, omg I wish I had this color hair irl, texture you see featured here (Lefted Brained). By word do I love this hair. Regardless of price, I had to have this hair. It's one of the few in sl, that I always fine myself going back to. Along with the hair you will see a very bright yellow bow/head band from Tokid! I rarely buy anything from Tokid unless I am in love with it because I sometimes cringe at the prices creators put out (I'm always scared my Linden count is going to be zero if I were really to allow myself to 'buy all the things'), but this head band stole my heart. It reminds me of an old cartoon film from my childhood. Anyone remember Kiki's Delivery Service? Ah, the good old day! This head band is both cute and rather funny to wear, almost imitating large bunny ears blooped on your head!

Ok we move on to clothing. A picked a simple top, to keep it neutral, something in grey is always good, and then I paired it with these high waisted pants from IMBUE. I opted out of the high waisted layer for this look, too keep it a bit more relaxed. The texturing and color of these pants are LOVES in my book. I love the knees, as I stated in my last lookbook, I'm not really sure what they are suppose to be but I leeeeiikk. The shoes, also from IMBUE, are only 100L right now! I know, I was shocked too! They come in large range of colors, and the shade selection for the skin and toes is great, really simple to get the right shade you are looking for.

Nowww we go on to the last part of this lovely little blog..THE ACCESSORIES! In here i included these mesh lids that I can't live without and hate taking off. They are from Slink and trust me, worth the price. They are prefect for pictures, the lashes themselves are beautiful, but the texturing on the lids, oh my lord, it's amazing. It works very well with the skin I was currently wearing, and many of the others that I own too. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking into taking pictures of themselves all the time! they come in handy!  I decided to add to this look, a gift from my friend Nat over at Haut.Monde, who has released a who set of Disney inspired necklaces for The Arcade Gotcha event(opening Sept 15). My favourite color is green so this necklace was a no brainier when I saw it, it had to be on me at that moment. The texturing and over all design are cute, sleek, and elegant, while still being able to retain a very adorableness about it. It works for both the classy folks and the silly peeps like me who loves anything cute! Talking about cute, now we have these little fur balls all over me. Many of you might know where these are from, they are Pygmy Puffs, created by the one and only Anya Ohmai. These adorable little creations are beyond cute, and on more than one occasion have me and my friend gushed about the cuteness level of these guys! I added them to the look because of the biggest part of this look..drum roll.....TADAAA. .Olive. .deadliest of hallows: Necklaces! Since pygmy puffs are creatures from HarryPotter, and the symbol of the Hallows is as well, I thought the pairing of the two would be perfect. To learn more about these new creations of mine, please head over to my post about them!

  • Hair: !lamb. Pearl (Mesh) - Left-Brained
  • Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Bianca02(Mocha)
  • Eye Lids: Slink Mesh eyelids (solid) (photo prop)
  • Pants: ~ imbue. Retro Highwaists [Brown] 
  • Shoes: IMBUE. Neesha Wedges - Black L
  • Pets: Ohmai Emporium: Pygmy Puff (Pistachio, Sable, and Luxe)
  • Necklace 1: haut.monde - Bad Apple Necklace S tyvm Nat <3333
  • Necklace 2: .Olive. .deadliest of hallows. :: Metal Pack
  • Head Band: (TokiD) side headband (2)

All of these .Olive. necklaces can be bought at the .Olive. Marketplace store.
(fat pack  available)

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