Freebie Groups

I know for one, that, when I first started SL about 5 months ago, I had no idea what I was doing. A very kind and wonderful friend of mine turned me to flickr and the freebie groups that were there. It was through these groups that I found, and still do to this day, many of the items in my invi! From free hairs, skins, eyes, clothes, houses, shoes, pets, props, anything and everything you can think of, most of these groups have people whom submit pictures and links to blog posts about them. So, being someone whom wants to be able to provide the best to all my reads, I've made a list of all the groups that I follow! Feel free to join them as they are all open to the public. If there is a group on flickr that I don't have listed here please do leave a comment with a link to  the group so I can add it to the ever growing list! Hope this brings help to all new, old, and just plain good old freebie looking memebers!