NEW! .Olive. the Maybe they're Real Collection.

8:10 PM

Hello there guys! I've finally done it, made my second release  This time I went a bit crazy with the amount of things I made @__@ in anycase, I hope you all enjoy them! If you like them please do leave a review :D
.Olive. the Maybe they're Real Collection
This collection of rings, bracelets and earrings was a spur of the moment(like most of the things I make or blog about) idea. This is my very first release made using Zbrush. I had the most amazing help from Sue and Anya with this project and I can't say thank you, or do anything to show you two how grateful I am.
I made all my pieces in two metal tones: Gold and White gold, and included 5 stone/jem colors in each
- Red Jems, Green Jems, Orange Jems, Blue Jems, Black Stones and Red Stones
Find all these and my other releases over @ the .Olive. Markerplace Store
I also made a pair set of each item in a special free color :3 I know for fact that very few people make freebie items to be a freebie, but I wanted to have a go at trying to do that. It's hard starting off in sl and not having any money to buy things, so I want to help those out that don't have anything :3 Hope you guys like it!
-Rose <3

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